Equify 2.0 Course Outline


Introduction to Equify 2.0

2021 Recap

2022 Trends

  • Remote Workforce impact
  • Enabling gender diversity and expression
  • Multigenerational workforce
  • Eliminating Unconscious bias
  • ESG and its relationship with the government
  • Hiring diversity professionals
  • Increase transparency and goals
  • Employment health
  • Looking beyond tokenism



1. ESG

  • The definition of an ESG
  • ESG and the relationship with DEI
  • How to create an ESG plan


2. The Business Case And What Everyone Needs To Know

  • The business case and what everyone needs to know
  • Diversity of thought for stronger products and services
  • Challenge your internal status quo
  • Enhanced retention and knowledge


3. How Unconscious Bias Prevents You From Success In Hiring, Promotions, Pay Equity, And More

  • 7 common types of bias in the workplace
  • Stereotypes of a CEO


4. The legal case for DEIC, including preventing toxic work environments and microaggressions

  • Affirmative action
  • Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act
  • Microaggressions and toxic work environments


5. The Language of Diversity:

Please note: This chapter is 41 minutes.

  • Understanding why language and pronouns are important
  • How to use the pronouns correctly 
  • Easily train your team in how to use pronouns
  • Glossary of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


6. Belonging & Psychological Safety

  • The stages of psychological safety
  • How to create psychological safety in your team and organization


7. Mental Health & Diversity

  • The stages of burnout
  • How to identify burnout


8. YOU - Your Wellbeing and Managing You

  • Transference of emotion
  • Importance of collaboration